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Jeneen Piccuirro

Artist. Creatrix. Eclectic Integrationist.

breathe & create.

"As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world - that is the myth of the atomic age - as in being able to remake ourselves." Ghandi 

is a joyful, nourishing, creative and multi-gifted artist and healer with a passion for the sacred and creative arts.  She is a true visionary and creatrix and has spearheaded many innovative programs over the last three decades of her formal work life.  A self described “eclectic integrationist”, she frequently combines and weaves together several of the creative, sacred and healing modalities she works with to create unique offerings that defy individual categorization and are truly her own.  

Since childhood, Jeneen has been able to see, feel and navigate the world of subtle energy.  She translates this energy through art, dance, sound, meditation and hands on work. Her life has been dedicated to exploring a wide range of modalities through apprenticeship, as well as private and formal study.  She holds an MFA in Painting, a BA in Art, over 500 hours of YTT (including prenatal, post natal, mommy & me and children’s yoga), a 4 year certificate in Subtle Energy Work (Integrative Alignment)  and many additional formal trainings including:  JOYW (mentorship for girls), Pranayama, Mantra Transmission, QiGong, Sound Work, Body Tuning (tuning forks), Crystals, Tantric Dance and Bellydance.  She has also deeply immersed herself in various traditions including Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Shamanism, Hinduism, Mysticism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Astrology, and Shamanism, and has received valuable teachings, guidance and activations from the many teachers in these traditions she has spent time with over the years. 

Jeneen currently is the lead Teaching Artist at the Kreeger Museum, a Performance Artist with Young Audiences of Virginia, and leads innovative, large-scale, public programs that integrate sound healing, meditation, movement and art.  A sampling of recent venues she has conducted events at include: the Phillips Collection, Dupont Underground, Art all Night, National Building Museum, Cherry Blossom Festival, National Air and Space Museum, American Art Museum, Kreeger Museum, Torpedo Factory, Life With Cancer and Yogaville.  She leads immersive workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and thematic series in DC-MD-VA and abroad and is a visiting teacher for various training programs and retreats.

In addition, she is available for private clients and custom group work for integration, healing, harmonizing and transition work (all phases).  Her most powerful and unique offerrings are her custom created Ceremonial gatherings that weave together many of these modalities in the sacred circle where she is able to fully express and offer the richness of her life experience.   

Jeneen specializes in Subtle Energy Work, Deep Clearing (multiple levels), Transmutation, Sound Healing, Sri Yoga, Qi Gong, Bellydance, Art & Creative Processing, Meditation, Mantra Transmission, Crystal Healing, Sacred Geometry, Soul Coaching and Ceremonial Space Holding. 

She is the founder of The Luna Girls, Art-trekking, Yoga.Here.Now, Sound Healing Sangha, Girls with Gongs, E-Musings, a.h.i.m.s.a living and Studio in the Woods (her virtual home base!)  

You can find out about her current activities at 

www.instagram.com/jeneenpiccuirro;  www.facebook.com/jeneen.piccuirrowww.facebook.com/lunagirlsrising/; www.facebook.com/thestudiointhewoods/;  www.facebook.com/EnMusings/;  www.studiointhewoodsblog.wordpress.com;

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